Install Slackware

Slackware ARM Installation Guide

Welcome to the SARPi installation tutorial. This tutorial is a comprehensive, step-by-step, end-to-end, ‘How To install Slackware ARM on a Raspberry Pi 1, 2, or 3’. It takes you through configuring a SD and microSD card, downloading and/or selecting the Slackware ARM source media, plugging in and powering on your Raspberry Pi, setting up the NIC (network) for remote installation, setting up partitions, configuring the system for installation, running Slackware ARM setup, selecting packages to install, installing Slackware ARM, customising/optimising boot options, and updating/upgrading the system after installation.

If you have no need of this tutorial, the SARPi installer and system packages are available from the Downloads page.

Some sections of this tutorial are marked with an [option] which means you can choose to follow them, or not, depending on how you intend to carry out your Slackware ARM installation. Each section is linked to the next at the bottom of the page, for ease and continuity.

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